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Rapid Growth - 8 Week Cycle
The First 5 weeks

8 Weeks Growth Cycle
A few years ago I wanted to document the growth development of my garden so I  took amateur pictures each weekend for 8 weeks. I used a 3' by 11' Family Model AquaPonic Gravel Garden. NOTE: You can build your own comparable garden. Detailed instructions are included in my book "Grow More Nutritious Vegetables Without Soil" or by visiting our Gardening Community page (NOW FREE) for advanced info & detail plans.

  1st Week - After washing the gravel and mixing the nutrient solution, I planted it with mainly young seedlings and a few seeds.
  First Week
  3rd Week - To my amazement I had a garden already starting to produce fruit. Here is where pruning, thinning, inter-cropping and pollination become important. Also, tying up vines and letting plants grow over the side helps to increase production, as you shall see.


Third Week

  5th Week - It's unbelievable, but true, we're already harvesting in just 5 short weeks. Check out the zucchini as one example. Now the pruning, inter-cropping and thinning are starting to pay off. Cucumbers, tomatoes and pole beans are tied up with string in the back and melons are draped over the front on the left.


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