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Rio Submersible Water Pumps are ideal for pumping nutrient from a reservoir into a hydroponic grow bed. They are known for reliability and efficiency. Their mag-drive design means there's no oil to leak into your reservoir and little noise or vibration. All include under gravel filter & adapter, air tubing, silencer, discharge adapter with venturi jet & air flow control, suction cups, air stopper, 6 ft power cord and 6 months manufacturer warranty. Gallons per hour (GPH) ratings are to one foot elevation. Adjustable valve for variable flow rates.    

Rio Water Pump 1100  Pumps 382 gallons per hour. S&H $15.00

2 lbs


Rio Water Pump 2100  Pumps 692 gallons per hour. S&H $18.00 3 lbs


7 Day Digital Timer for timing nutrient cycles or controlling other environmental equipment. This high quality Digital Timer offers up to 14 daily on/off cycles or 98 weekly on/off cycles of as little as one minute duration each and can handle a maximum load of 15 amps/500 watts. Not recommended for HID lights. It has a 3 prong grounded plug and receptacle and has easy-to-set programming with battery backup.


7 Day Digital Timer Nutrient Cycles. S&H $7.00  


Fill/Drain & Overflow Kit for Ebb and Flow "gravel" hydroponic gardens. The industry standard! Designed specifically to provide reliable flooding and draining of hydroponic grow beds, without leaks. Both are mounted in the bottom of the grow bed with the overflow tube to control the fill level in the gravel media. Includes one fill/drain fitting (custom bulkhead fitting with 1/2" screen, nut and O-ring) and one overflow fitting (PVC tube and adapter with 1" screen). Easy to install. The Fill and Drain fitting requires a 1" hole in the bottom of the grow bed and accepts 1/2" hose to connect to a pump. A second 1" hole will mount the Overflow fitting so that your nutrient solution never overflows the grow bed.

Fill/Drain & Overflow Kit Both fill/drain and overflow fittings included. S&H $7.50   $16.95

1/2" Vinyl Tubing used for connecting the submersible nutrient pump in the nutrient reservoir to the Fill/Drain fitting or other device delivering nutrient to the grow bed. May also be used to connect separate grow beds to one combined system.


1/2" Vinyl Tubing  - 10 feet in length. S&H $7.00  


Air Pump & Tubing Kit for Bubbler or Aquarium gardens - 2000cc Air Pump with 10 feet 1/4" air line tubing, two air stones and two line "T" connections.

Air Pump & Tubing Kit  -  S&H $8.50


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