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In order to get you the best product at the best price for some of our chosen products we use affiliates to take advantage of their buying power and shipping facilities. You get great prices and we get a very small referral fee, which is not added to your price. We select products from our affiliates based on our quality standards and appropriateness for hydroponic gardening in order to fill out our product line for you. Those products are added to the products on our site with direct links to the items on our affiliates pages. You buy directly from them and get low prices and low shipping rates. You also get prompt delivery. Everybody wins.

Ordering through our PayPal shopping cart

Using the on-line shopping cart is easy, fast and safe. It is maintained on secure servers by PayPal, an independent credit service for making on-line purchases and is accepted by most Internet vendors. Your credit info is 100% private (not even available to us). PayPal accepts credit cards or e-checks and it's free to you.

US Shipping and Handling - S&H charges are included in shopping cart total amounts for each item. All that is added is California sales tax, if it applies, when you check out. S&H covers all standard shipments to US states.

International Shipping and Handling - For Nutrient purchases, we have provided Sur Charges by weight to cover the extra shipping costs for shipments beyond the US. For other international shipments you will be notified of an additional amount to pay through PayPal or you have the option to cancel the order.


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