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Introducing The Fabulous Tall Garden

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Do all your
planting, pruning and harvesting vine ripened, fresh vegetables without even bending over. And, there's no weeds.

It is a unique vertical aeroponic system requiring only 3 sq ft footprint.

Tg Dual
Complete Unit

Seedlings planted

Seedlings Planted
Now you can grow your vegetable garden without any soil on your patio, balcony, deck or even roof. It will grow about as much as 4 times the amount per sq ft of space required for an average gravel hydroponic system. It stands 5 ft. tall and can be extended even higher. The incredible design lets you grow 20 individual vegetable plants (see below) at the same time vertically. Vines can grow up a trellis or similar structure. The method is called aeroponics because it automatically feeds plants their needed oxygen as well as organically derived nutrients and water. Start the plants in rockwool cubes and insert them in 2" pots arranged around the circular grow chamber. Roots grow in the center chamber. You can also start from seedlings for a faster start. Nutrient Circulation

Week 8

After 8 Weeks
Everything is included (nutrient, pH tester, pH adjuster fluids, pump, timer and even seeds).

Set up is easy.
From a 20 gallon nutrient reservoir a built-in pump circulates the nutrient to the top of the grow chamber and trickles down inside every 15 minutes feeding the plant roots growing in the chamber. Here is a short video. Tower Garden Promo

The total cost for the entire garden and start up supplies is only $499 plus $50 for shipping and you can even pay in 12 monthly installments of $43, if you wish. If you want to place an order or just get more information please click Tower Garden link below.

Growing above:
Beefsteak Tomatoes(2)
    Zucchini (2)
    Cilantro Coriander
    European Burpless (2)
    Anaheim Chili
    Big Bertha Bell
    Red Bell
Black Beauty Egg Plant
New Zealand Spinach
Bush Beans
Pole Beans

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